How to grow your social media followers (in a nutshell).

Apologies in advance if you have a nut(shell) allergy, or if the social media secrets I’m about to reveal rattle you. The good news is, I’m about to offer you a simple, totally free challenge that will optimize your online presence, and gain you loyal followers.

You’re pretty woke when it comes to social media. You read informative articles (exhibit A), pay attention to major Facebook updates, and keep a sticky note on your desktop reminding you of key upcoming dates and events to post about.

You create #engaging posts that launch on a semi-regular schedule and even read up on the Overly Promotional Post rule and how to stay on Facebook/Instagram’s ‘good side’.

And yet, your posts are still only making it to a handful of screens.

Listen, I know you’re a busy business-person so you may not like what I’m about to tell you but I promise it will work. (What’s that? A ‘promise’? …She’s not kidding around).

your social media happy dance

The happy dance you'll do when your Social Media pops off.

In order to grow your followers you must start spending time on the platforms. I know you have a lot on your plate so don’t panic; I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it with the utmost efficiency. Instead of thinking of it as ‘more time’ think of it as ‘better time’.

No more throwing your posts out into the ether and hoping they’ll land you new customers. As long as you keep up this current strategy you’re going to keep hitting the same handful of followers again and again.

Now, more than ever Facebook/IG want you to be present and engaged online. They want you to prove your company has a strong voice and you’re using it. These platforms aren’t meant to be bulletin boards; they’re meant to be live, in-the-moment opportunities to connect with your community.

You probably post 3-6 times a week right? Ok, this week, add in this challenge.

I literally double dog dare you to.

If you win I owe you a pop.


In the first 15 minutes after posting each of your daily, entertaining and engaging images:

  • like 10 posts

  • follow 10 accounts

  • write 10 genuine comments

  • Respond to every comment you receive on your post. …with WORDS (not a sentence of emojis)

  • Share someone else's post to your story


  • Choose a company you know personally or do business with, and create a post that both tags and compliments them.

  • Create a post that encourages ‘reactions’ instead of mere ‘likes’ (reactions = heart emoji, laughter emoji, anger emoji etc)

  • Create a post that a friend or colleague might like to share, and when it launches ASK THEM TO SHARE IT. Keep your private message to them simple and personal.

If this challenge sounds simple to you - amazing! Do it and let me know how simple it was to increase your engagement and following. If this challenge sounds difficult - do it! You’re going to be delighted when these new social media habits increase your engagement and following. ;)

You have literally nothing to lose, and paying customers to gain. So what are you waiting for?

This challenge isn't random. It's chock-full of research and reasoning and utilizes the FB/IG algorithm in different ways. If you want to know the WHY's (Why these tips will work, why 'sharing' is so important, and why spending time on the platform is the key to growth) give me a call! A keener like you is a prime candidate for a full Social Media Consultation. You'll walk away with a sustainable social media strategy you can implement all on your own, with confidence.

Every move you make online should get you closer to your real-life business goals. Take action and see results. Ready Set… GO!

ps. Did you know I offer free, 30 minute calls to see if a Social Media Consult is right for you? Just saying.

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