The Yoncé/Yeti Rule

I know my target demographic. You're a strong, independent, female, small business owner who learns predominately from Beyoncé analogies!

Do you know the Yoncé/Yeti rule of high-quality pictures? A good friend was tickled by this rule of thumb earlier this week, so here I am to share it with everyone. Here's another pro-tip for managing your business's social media. 🥂😆


Given the accessibility of digital cameras and the capabilities of most smartphone cameras, in 2019 there is no excuse for posting low-quality images to social media.

THE EXCEPTION BEING - If you meet Beyoncé or see a Yeti. (The Yoncé/Yeti Rule)

This rule refers to the eligibility to post a low-quality photo in order to document a rare, unique, or super special moment. ✨

i.e. A client who recently attended Toronto's Collision conference posted a low-quality image of Justin Trudeau to their IG. (In this example, Justin will be playing the role of Beyoncé). Sure, the image doesn't meet the quality of their feed BUT it shows followers they are esteemed enough to attend Collision, and it's very cool that they were sitting that close to the Prime Minister of Canada.

There you have it, The Yoncé/Yeti Rule of Social Media!

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