With a keen eye for public image, we're pros at creating content that shows your audience who you truly are, and invites your ideal audience in.

Parkdale Republic is dedicated to helping you maintain an eye-catching and professional social media presence.

We understand the value of creating a community around your business and fostering genuine relationships with your followers.

Watch your social media presence skyrocket and keep your ultimate business goals at the forefront of your digital game-plan

Social media is about speaking to the world, as your brand.

It's a place to build a community.

The relationships you make online are the foundation of your empire.

- Jenna Warriner

Founder, Parkdale Republic

Parkdale Republic is lead by Publicist and Social Media Specialist, Jenna Warriner. Jenna Warriner has extensive experience in the entertainment industry, which inspires her Social Media methodology:

Your social media presence should entertain your audience.

Instagram is not a flier; it's a magazine.


Warriner has designed and implemented sustainable social media marketing strategies for businesses across North America.

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