wanna put down your phone and have someone else manage your social media?

You found me!

Imagine this...


You have a passionate social media audience full of your ideal clients. Raving reviews and referrals are pouring in. you're blowing last year's revenue out of the water.

Your Instagram following is growing every week...

Your DMs are LIGHTING UP... 

You're creating authentic human relationships and building a community...

Business. Is. Booming.

...and you're just sitting back with a latte in hand.

Here's HOw to make it happen:

Together, we'll implement social media management strategies

and help you gain...

     Engagement  ✔️

     Followers  ✔️

    Likes  ✔️

    Shares  ✔️

     Referrals  ✔️

    Reviews ✔️

               SALES ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

at the end of the day, all of 👆🏼these👆🏼 metrics need to lead to sales.

And that's what I make happen for my clients.

cheryl vrc.jpeg

"We actually look like a company to be reckoned with"

"Since hiring you, I feel that not only has our profile and professionalism increased, but we actually look like a company to be reckoned with."

- Cheryl, Toronto

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From the BIG STUFF like developing your Instagram marketing strategy... the gritty details like responding to comments on your posts.

Here's what's included👇🏼

Custom Social Media Marketing Strategy

Your business is as unique as you are, and you need a marketing strategy to reflect that.

  • We don't copy and paste the same tactics for every client. You'll have a winning strategy that's completely your own.

  • We'll start with a fierce 90-minute call where we'll soak up all the ins and outs of your biz. 

  • Within a few days, we'll work our magic and craft an action plan and Instagram mock up ready for your approval.

4 Weekly Posts on Facebook
4 Weekly Posts on Instagram
1 Weekly REEL
1 Monthly IGTV Live Script Outline

We handle all of your content.

  • We create consistency to grow your accounts every single week

  • We combine forces to capture gorgeous photos of you and your biz  

  • We publish custom-designed content to drive home your branding

  • Your accounts will be 100% taken care of, by our team's loving thumbs

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Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 2.01.40 PM.png

Daily Community Management

We make friends with your followers.

  • Every morning, Monday-Friday our Community Managers will spend valuable time  interacting with your community to help you grow faster. 

  • We don't publish a post and walk away; we hang out on your page to make friends with your current followers and to welcome new followers in.

One on One Strategy Calls

Bi-weekly strategy calls let us groove to a marketing rhythm.


  • We know your biz can pivot on a dime, so we stay in the loop like a member of your marketing army, and meet with you over Zoom ever-other-week.

  • Your content will always be timely and inventive and you'll always know what's going on with your social media presence.

  • We also chat through your personal SLACK channel, so you can braindump ideas and give us updates at your leisure.


It's time to crank the volume on

your virtual visibility.

Untitled design (1).png

We create on-brand graphics you can use forever.

  • You'll receive a package of 20 custom CANVA graphics we'll use to create scroll-stopping Instagram and Facebook text-posts.

  • We'll also give you a set of customized testimonial graphic templates so you can show off all the brilliant things your customers have to say about you.


This package has

exactly what you need:

The investment for full social media management is 

$2400/month CAD

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"...You must hire Parkdale Republic!"

"[Jenna] listened to what my goals were and understood my business needs within the first few minutes... Jenna is professional, easy to work and brainstorm with. You must hire Parkdale Republic!"


-Erin, Toronto

jason-leung-Xaanw0s0pMk-unsplash (1).jpg


We care about sales.

We're not into collecting vanity metrics or chasing 'influencer' status. We'd rather grow an authentic community around your biz, and focus on your ultimate business goals, like sales, expansion, and a rock solid public image.

We're the farthest thing from 'corporate' 😂

Run a manscaping spa and need ur captions to match ur chill vibe? Heard that.

Want IG posts that welcome in the Autumn solstice at your 6am Vinyasa? #Namaste

If you're the kind of business owner who'd choose a coffee shop table covered in crumbs over a stuffy boardroom, then we're going to get along swimmingly.

We keep our roster small.

We want to be there for you, your needs and your community. We pride ourselves on being a key member of your team. 


How often will we get to talk?

We know small businesses can pivot on a dime, so we hop on zoom bi-weekly to stay up to date with all your goings-on.

You can also drop us a line through SLACK at any time, and we'll get back to you within 24 business hours.

Do you develop our whole organic social media marketing strategy?

All you need to do is tell us your goals, and how your biz works, and we’ll do the heavy lifting.

We can talk more about what this looks like in our first meeting.

Can you run paid ads for me?

Yes. While we focus on long term organic growth, we also know when it’s time to use paid features to help get you noticed. If a project is out of our scope, we’ll recommend a paid ads specialist.

Will you really create all our content?

Yes! We work with our clients to collect content creatively.


Sometimes that means sending a photographer your way, teaching you how to take a bad-ass selfie, outsourcing graphic design or receiving shipments of your products and providing in-house photography.

What if my business isn't photo-worthy?

Challenge accepted. From gynecologists, to lawyers to kids rock n' roll choirs...


No matter your industry we know how to make you look amazing online.

still have questions?

"Parkdale Republic is shaping my life in such an incredible way!! Jenna and team are thoughtful, badass, real and extremely strategic... As this world moves forward with the power of technology, I feel well supported from them all! They are a necessity in today's world. Thank you Jenna and team at Parkdale Republic!!! You rock my world." 

- Rebecca, Calgary

"Jenna and team are thoughtful, badass...

and extremely strategic"

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